The Document Foundation Needs Infrastructure Sponsors

ISPs, webhosters, universities, and corporations are welcomed to contribute

The Document Foundation, creators of the LibreOffice suite, are looking for infrastructure sponsors in the open source community.

As the name suggests, the developers of LibreOffice are organized as a foundation, which means they rely on donations.

“Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity to ask for infrastructure sponsors. Internet service providers, webhosters, universities and corporations can contribute to the success of LibreOffice.”

“You can support the further development and growth of the community and the product, by sponsoring the use of dedicated machines for LibreOffice purposes,” states the official website.

If you think you can help, here is what they are looking for:

• Quadcore CPU;

• 32 GB RAM, ideally with ECC;

• two hard disks with 1.5 TB/each for RAID1; smaller SSDs also welcome;

• one dedicated IPv4 address;

• one IPv6 subnet (/64 or larger);

• automated reset service;

• remotely bootable rescue system;

• no extra fees for traffic (we approximately use between 2 and 5 TB on an average machine and month); forced traffic shaping after a certain threshold is fine;

• ideally, 1 Gbit/s bandwith instead of 100 Mbit/s.

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