The City of Munich Adopts LibreOffice

The entire bureaucratic apparatus will make the switch to the open source solution

Just before the start of the Second LibreOffice Conference in Berlin, the city of Munich has announced that they've chosen to switch to LibreOffice.

The Document Foundation has announced that the city of Munich is migrating to LibreOffice, following a growing trend of migrations and adoptions worldwide.

"In favor of that decision, among others, was the greater flexibility of the project regarding consumption of open source licenses. In addition, Munich wants to rely on a large and vibrant community for any Open Source product it employs," said Kirsten Böge, head of public relations.

Munich is not the first city to take this step. Migrations toward the open source solution provided by LibreOffice have been registered Denmark (Hospitals of Copenhagen), Italy (Regione Umbria, Provincia di Milano, City Councils of Provincia di Bolzano), Spain (City of Las Palmas), Ireland (City of Limerick), Greece (Municipality of Pilea Hortiatis) and the US (City of Largo in Florida).

You can also download LibreOffice 3.6.2 right now from Softpedia.

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