The Adventures of Rick Rocket for Linux Is Available on Desura

A space shooter that will challenge the players' reflexes

The Adventures of Rick Rocket, a 2D space top-down shooter developed and published by My Game Company, is now available for Linux, through Desura.

In The Adventures of Rick Rocket, the players will have to protect the Earth from alien invaders in a 1950s style space shooter.

Mankind has just ventured into space when an alien armada launches an all-out attack on Earth. Space Command calls on its best pilot, Rick Rocket, to take control of an experimental ship, repel the aliens, and find out why they are attacking us.

The game features 30 different enemies which show real damage as they get hit by your projectiles, amazing space battles, and an upgrade system.

The Adventures of Rick Rocket is available for the Linux platform through Desura at €7.49 ($9.66).

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