THQ May Bring Their Games to Linux

Future THQ games could be built and ported via Unity 4

THQ, through Jason Rubin, announced a few hours ago (December 16), via Twitter, that they received the message from the Linux community during the Humble THQ Bundle, and that they will evaluate the possibility of porting their games to the Linux platform.

“Got the Linux message load and clear via #HumbleBundle feedback. Evaluating cost/benefit as we speak,” said Jason Rubin, president of THQ, on Twitter.

It also appears that they are using the recently released Unity 4 game engine on some of their future game projects, which means that Linux could be targeted as a platform of their choice alongside Windows.

However, looking at their game catalogue, there are minimal chances of THQ porting their existing titles to Linux. But the future's bright, and Unity 4 is an amazing game engine!

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