Survival Horror Sandbox Centration Is Out for Linux with a 15% Discount

The promotion for this game is set to expire on April 11

Centration, a multiplayer survival horror sandbox game developed by Angry Engineers Entertainment, is now available on Steam for Linux with a 15% discount.

According to the developers, players will be able to join dozens of others from all over the world to crew a space station in orbit around a gas-giant in the far-flung solar system, Keplar-16. The main goal is to survive by any means necessary.

“Join your friends and thousands of other players from around the world to crew space-stations in a faraway solar system, working together to maintain, defend and manage everything from lunch-time menus to the state of the fusion engines.”

“Work shifts and get paid for your tireless efforts, expand your character's skills and experience, kit yourself out with the latest and greatest gear and get promoted over your friends” reads the official website.

The game is available through the Early Access Game, which means that it’s still under development. Centration can be bought nonetheless and tried, although you might encounter some bugs in the process.

In order to play Centration you will need at least a 2.5GHz single-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, a 512MB Graphics Shader Model 3 video card, and 15 GB of available space.

Check the Steam website for more details about Centration.

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