Surgeon Simulator 2013 Launches on Steam for Linux with a 30% Discount

The game will challenge players to perform difficult operations

Surgeon Simulator 2013, an operation sim game that puts more emphasis on fun and less on surgical precision, has been launched on Steam for Linux.

A few developers from the Bossa Studios have decided to do a game in 48 days. They’ve managed to produce a prototype in which the players had to perform a heart transplant.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 for Steam comes with additional features, operations and environments. After it managed to get through the Steam Greenlight program, the game was launched on multiple platforms, including Linux.

The game features a very difficult ambulance mode, operations that include a double kidney transplant and a brain transplant, Easter eggs to discover, and a new soundtrack.

If you are interested in Surgeon Simulator 2013, you should check the official Steam website. The game also benefits from a 30% discount.

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