Superb Strategy Game "Battle Worlds: Kronos" Gets a Launch Date for Linux

A new, interesting strategy game arrives on the Linux platform

Battle Worlds: Kronos, a beautiful-turn based strategy that has been funded by Kickstarter and developed by King Art Games, will be released worldwide for the Linux platform on November 4.

In Battle Worlds: Kronos the players will have to choose between two factions, the technologically advanced Yerla and the Rebels, an army specialized in guerrilla firmware.

“We’re giving the customers a good large game for their money. We provide free cross-platform multiplayer, a league and – early next year – the free DLC ‘Trains,’ which contains a new campaign and introduces a whole new unit class.”

“We think that’s a pretty good deal. If enough players support us by buying the game legally instead of pirating it, we'll adopt a no-DRM policy as a company policy,” said Jan Theysen, CEO of King Art Games.

Players can also participate in the Beta program by placing an order. Immediate access will be provided after the purchase.

Also, the no-DMR policy doesn't apply for platforms such as Steam, which will feature its own copyright protection.

You can see more details about this intriguing game on the official website.

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