StrongSwan 5.0.2 Implements IETF Standard PA-TNC Attributes

The latest version of StrongSwan can be downloaded from Softpedia

StrongSwan, an OpenSource IPsec implementation for the Linux operating system that's based on the discontinued FreeS/WAN project and the X.509 patch, is now at version 5.0.2.

Highlights of StrongSwan 5.0.2:

• Implemented all IETF Standard PA-TNC attributes and an OS IMC/IMV pair using them to transfer operating system information;

• The new ipsec listcounters command prints a list of global counter values about received and sent IKE messages and rekeyings;

• The new error-notify plugin catches some common error conditions and allows an external application to receive notifications for them over a UNIX socket;

• The pkcs11 plugin can now load leftcert certificates from a smartcard for a specific ipsec.conf conn section and cacert CA certificates for a specific ca section;

• The encoding of TLS extensions (elliptic_curves and signature_algorithms) was fixed.

Check the official changelog for a complete list of fixes.

Download StrongSwan 5.0.2 right now from Softpedia.

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