Strike Suit Zero to Arrive on Linux After All

There is no official date for the Linux version of Strike Suit Zero

Strike Suit Zero, a game developed by Born Ready Games, in which the player controls a combat suite, in space, will be arriving on Linux after all.

Strike Suit Zero was a Kickstarter project and the developers managed to raise the necessary money in order to finish the project and launch it for the Windows playform.

Unfortunately, Born Ready Games didn't raise enough money to make a Linux version and its future on the open source platform was uncertain.

Strike Suit Zero developers answered a question on Twitter, addressed to them by Liam Dawe from, and assured everyone that a Linux version is on its way.

“As soon as the Mac version is finished (which it pretty much is, I'm told) we'll be moving onto Linux. Shouldn't be too long!” stated the Twitter message.

There is no date announced for the port, but it shouldn't be too long.

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