Stream2ip 1.0.3 Switches to GTK3 and Python3

A few other changes have been implemented in this version

Stream2ip, a GUI that can be used to set up multimedia streams to network devices, is now at version 1.0.3.

Stream2ip 1.0.3 can push content to PulseAudio RAOP-clients and can perform file streaming to UPnP-devices using uShare or miniDLNA, not to mention the fact that is can set up PulseAudio RTP/Multicast streams.

Stream2ip sets up devices by using their IP or MAC. Therefore, RAOP-clients can be connected even on systems where Avahi does not reliably detect devices.

Highlights of Stream2ip 1.0.3:

• The application was recoded for GTK3 and Python3;

• The installation folder was moved to / usr / share / stream2ip-gtk3;

• The config file was moved to ~/.config/stream2ip;

• A package installer has been added in the setup program;

• Support for minidlna has been implemented.

Check the official announcement for a complete backlog of updates and new features.

Download Stream2ip 1.0.3 right now from Softpedia.

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