Stendhal 1.0.6 MMO Gets New Visual Effects

A lot of other new features have been added in this version

Stendhal, a fun, friendly and completely free multiplayer online adventure game, with an old-school feel, is now at version 1.06.

In Stendhal, players will meet over 250 NPCs, experience tons of unique quests, and will have to protect the land and the people from danger.

Highlights of Stendhal 1.0.6:

• More light was added in Ados city;

• Some creatures now drop blue items;

• More creature descriptions have been added;

• New sprites are shown when the blood and corpses setting is turned off;

• New sound effects for multiple creatures have been implemented;

• Leander explains his task better;

• New corpses for slimes, ants and stone golems have been added;

• Dwarfish legs are now available;

• Alice Farmer now understands the players better.

More details about this MMO can be found on the official website.

Download Stendhal 1.0.6 right now from Softpedia.

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