Steam for Linux Summer Sale Update – Organ Trail: Director's Cut Is 20% Off

A Linux version of the game is already available for download

Organ Trail: Director's Cut, a retro survival game developed by "The Men Who Wear Many Hats" studio, has a 40% discount.

The Steam Summer Sale is now in effect and a lot of games benefit from generous discounts, but not all of them are advertised on the main Steam website.

At its core, Organ Trail is a zombie survival game. Players will travel across the land, in a station wagon, with four of your friends. They will need to find supplies and to kill zombies in order to stay alive.

Organ Trail: Director's Cut has a 40% discount and the offer is set to expire on July 22.

Linux System Requirements:

• OS: Ubuntu 12.04

• Processor: 1 GHz CPU

• Memory: 512 MB RAM

• Hard Drive: 250 MB HD space

• Sound: Sound card

If you are interested in Organ Trail: Director's Cut, you should check the official Steam website.

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