Steam for Linux Summer Sale – Day Five Discounts

A couple of games have been made available through another day of discounts

The Steam Summer Sale has started, and the fifth day now features two games, one with native Linux support and another one with possible future support.

The fifth day of the Steam Summer sale doesn't have too many offers for Linux users, but at least there are a couple of them.

Killing Floor is not a very complicated game. Players have to survive on certain locations and clear the area of mutants, and up to six people can join one match.

The game also features a persistent Perks system and offline play and, best of all, Killing Floor comes with a collection of 33 weapons. The discount for this title is a whopping 80%.

The second title is Wargame: Airland Battle, and the Linux support hasn't been officially confirmed yet.

However, there are a couple of hints that Linux users will get their version, like the fact that it's listed in the CDR database with future Linux support and that the previous release in the series is already available for the open source platform. The discount is 50%.

More details about the rest of the games available with the Steam Summer Sale can be found in the official announcement.

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