Steam for Linux Client Update Fixes Offline Mode

This is a small update and others are bound to show up soon

Valve has launched yet another Beta version for its Steam for Linux client, this time with only a few minor fixes and improvements.

After a development version garners sufficient changes, Valve promotes that version to stable. The work for the next beta starts almost immediately.

“This is a quick update to Steam intended to fix some of the current top issues with offline mode and cloud uploads,” reads the official announcement.

Highlights of the latest Steam for Linux update:

• An error message that incorrectly blocked offline mode has been removed;

• The handling of uploads, for screenshots and saved games, has been improved;

• A client crash, which occurred when viewing extremely long profile pages, has been corrected.

A complete list of changes can be found in the announcement (some of them apply to other operating systems).

Download the Steam for Linux installer from Softpedia.

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