Steam Beta for Linux Just Days Away

The coveted digital distribution platform makes it to Linux

Steam will be arriving on Linux in just a few weeks’ time, but no one knows exactly when, with the exception of the developers, of course.

The only information we've got so far about Steam is that an internal Beta version is in the works and that sometime this month, a private external Beta, with 1000 participants, will be launched.

It seems that the private Beta is just days away, at least this is the conclusion of a discussion between Bryce Harrington, Ubuntu Xorg Maintainer, and Ubuntu developers. An IRC log of the discussion can be seen here.

“Could an archive or SRU admin accept nvidia-common and jockey from the upload queue? These are needed for the Valve Steam release that happens in a few days,” Harrington writes.

There is no doubt that Steam on Linux is the biggest news of the year, so we'll continue to report any information on this hot subject.

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