Stay Away from PRISM with DuckDuckGo Plus for Firefox

A simple add-on that will take care of your privacy needs

DuckDuckGo Plus, a Mozilla Firefox add-on developed by DuckDuckGo that implements a safe search function for your browser, is now at version 0.2.43.

The advantage of the DuckDuckGo engine is that it doesn't track anyone, which serves to better protect users’ privacy.

The add-on will implement a DuckDuckGo toolbar button that will provide easy access to the options, will add DuckDuckGo as the default search engine through the address bar, search bar and context right-click menu, and will provide DuckDuckGo instant answers on Google and Bing.

“To show you instant answers in the address bar, your typing in the address bar is sent to DuckDuckGo servers automatically. However, as in line with our privacy policy (, no personally identifying information (including IP address) is collected or stored in this process,” reads the official website.

Downoad DuckDuckGo Plus 0.2.43 right now from Softpedia. This is a restartless add-on and will become active on the fly.

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