Star Wars Christmas Light Show Powered by Raspberry Pi and Debian

Raspberry Pi has proven again that its uses are almost endless

There's no doubt that the Raspberry Pi is an amazing little PC, but its users continue to make up new ways to show the device's might.

A guy called Chivalry Timbers posted on his blog several instructions on how to make the Raspberry Pi power a Star Wars light show, for the Christmas holiday.

You will need a few other devices and a lot of cables, not to mention the Debian Raspberry Pi distribution, Timidity, Alsa devel libraries, and Gordon’s wiringPi library.

The tutorial is extensive and by the end of it you will have learned yet another successful use of the Raspberry Pi mini PC.

Raspberry Pi relies on an ARM processor with a clock speed of 700 MHz, 512 MB of RAM, an SD card slot and a 5V Micro USB connector that supplies the power. It also features RCA and HDMI ports.

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