Spectraball to Be Launched on Steam for Linux

The game now also benefits from 25% discount on Steam

Spectraball, a mix of puzzles and platforming gameplay created by the Shorebound Studios will be available on Steam for Linux.

Spectraball combines elements of platforming, puzzle solving, addictive gameplay, and amazing visuals to deliver an experience that sets a new standard for the kind of genre.

The game now also benefits from a discount of 25% on Steam for Linux. The promotion will last until February 13. Once the game will make its appearance on Linux, users will be able to play it even if it was bought for another platform.

The other part of this information is taken from the CDR database and by no means is it completely certain. The CDR Database is a record of data that describes every Steam game and subscription provided by Valve for the Steam service.

Usually, the new entries in the Steam database are first visible in the CDR Database before their official launch.

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