SparkyLinux GameOver 3.2 Is the Ultimate Gaming Distro

This Linux distribution features everything you could think of

SparkyLinux GameOver 3.2, a lightweight, fast and simple Linux distribution, designed for both old and new computers featuring customized Enlightenment, LXDE, is now available for download.

The “GameOver” edition of this distribution is built on SparkyLinux 3.2 “Annagerman” and it is fully compatible with Debian GNU/Linux “Jessie.”

According to the changelog, the Linux kernel has been upgrade to version 3.11-2, all the packages upgraded from Debian testing repositories as of 2013/12/22, LXDE 0.5.5-6, Openbox 3.5.2-5, and PCManFM 1.1.2-1 have been implemented.

SparkyLinux GameOver 3.2 also features Wine 1.4.1-4 and PlayOnLinux 4.2.1-1. A number of other emulators have been integrated, such as DOSBox, MAME, NEStopia, PCSX-Reloaded, and more.

More details about this new Linux distribution can be found on the official website. Download SparkyLinux GameOver 3.2 right now from Softpedia.

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