SmartGit 5 Final Officially Released

This latest stable version of SmartGit can be downloaded from Softpedia

SmartGit, a graphical client for the version control systems Git and Mercurial with optimized workflows for multiple platforms, is now at version 5.

SmartGit provides some very important features such as local working tree operations, push, pull, fetch for all protocols, tag and branch management, and much more.

After numerous development releases, the final version of SmartGit has arrived. A lot of the needed changes have been implemented already in previous versions, but there are still some new things in the current one.

According to the developers, 2-factor authentication is now supported, configurations similar to SVN's bugtraq:* properties are also supported, the Log now allows to pull and push, and Blame for Mercurial with navigation in the line history support has been added.

Check out the complete changelog for a list of bugfixes and other important new features. Download SmartGit 5 right now from Softpedia.

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