SmartGit 4.0.5 Fixes Numerous Internal Errors

The latest version of SmartGit can be downloaded from Softpedia

SmartGit, a graphical client for the version control systems Git and Mercurial with optimized workflows for multiple platforms, is now at version 4.0.5.

SmartGit provides some very important features such as local working tree operations, push, pull, fetch for all protocols, tag and branch management, and much more.

Highlights of SmartGit 4.0.5:

• An internal error, that occurred in the case of invalid admin areas, has been fixed;

• An internal error that happened when the user was trying to open the working tree, has been fixed;

• The repositories, for which the passwords are not known to Hg, are now working properly;

• Sub-directory logs have been fixed;

• Space-toggling checkboxes in tables is now working properly.

Check out the complete changelog for a list of bugfixes.

Download SmartGit 4.0.5 right now from Softpedia.

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