Slackel Openbox 4.0 Has Linux Kernel 3.10.9

The latest version of this distribution can be downloaded from Softpedia

Slackel Openbox 4.0, a distribution based on Slackware and Salix, that uses the Salix tools and packages, has been released and it's available for download.

In case you aren't familiar with the Slackel set of distributions, you should know that they are based on Slackware and Salix. This means that it's fully compatible with Slackware and Salix repositories.

Slackel Openbox 4.0 is now different from the previous versions and it includes the latest stable Linux kernel, 3.10.9, and numerous updates from Slackware's 'Current' tree.

The distribution comes with Midori 0.5.0 as the default Internet browser, Claws-Mail 3.9.2, Transmission as the default Bittorrent client, SpaceFm, Openjre-7u40, rhino, icedtea-web, Pidgin 2.10.7, Gftp 2.0.19, and Wicd.

“Abiword 2.8.6, Gnumeric 1.12.2 and ePDFviewer office applications are included. Whaawmp is the default movie player, Exaile 3.3.0 is the application to use for managing your music collection, Asunder Cd ripper, Bracero for writing CD/DVD's and more.”

“In the graphics section Viewnior 1.3, Gimp 2.8.6 and Scrot the snapshot utility. Iso images are isohybrid,” reads the official announcement.

Slackel Openbox 4.0 has been developed for the 32-bit and 64-bit architectures and the images can be easily burned on a CD.

Download Slackel Openbox 4.0 right now from Softpedia.

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