Shatter Is Now Working in Steam for Linux

The game has appeared in the Steam library without any announcement

Shatter, a brick-breaking title developed by Sidhe that takes this kind of gameplay to new heights, has arrived on Steam for Linux.

Rumors about a Steam for Linux version were floating around for some time, but there was no certain information about a possible release.

Steam for Linux users can now purchase it safely, and download it on their open source OS of choice.

The game will provide a lot of bang for your buck, even if the second part of the Shatter is pretty difficult. Shatter is frantic 2D brick-breaking game in which the player will be challenged by progressively harder levels, punctuated with boss fights.

We reviewed Shatter and we found out that it will provide all the necessary ingredients to remove the stress at the end of the day in a non-destructive manner, by shattering virtual blocks.

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