Shank 2 for Linux Included in the Indie Gala Bundle

A new released bundle has one Linux compatible game

The Indie Gala Bundle, a collection of games suited for a multitude of platforms, also contains one title that is Linux compatible.

The bundle is sold in a pay-what-you-want system and the customers will receive four games, but in order to get the Linux compatible title, Shank 2, users will have to pay above the average price.

Players will receive a Steam for Linux key for Shank 2. This is a beat 'em up 2D platformer that aims to combine modern technology and concepts with the old and proven arcade genre.

The game follows the adventures of Shank as he returns home to his native town, only to find it occupied by a very angry and dangerous warlord. The name of the main character explains what happens next.

More information about the bundle and the included titles can be found on the official website.

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