Shadowrun Returns for Linux to Get a Beta Version Soon on Steam

This excellent RPG is getting ready to arrive on the Steam for Linux platform

Shadowrun Returns, a classic RPG game developed and published by Harebrained Schemes, is now getting closer to a beta version.

The developers have raised the necessary funds from a Kickstarter project and one of their goals has been the released of a Linux version.

The Harebrained Schemes studio started to work on the Linux version only a month ago, but it seems that they are now almost ready to release a Beta version of Steam.

The developers answered a question on Twitter about the current state of development and said: “Getting close to setting up a beta test branch on Steam so folks can help us test. We'll send up flares when it's ready.”

You can buy Shadowrun Returns on any of the other supported platforms on Steam, Windows and Mac OS, if you can't wait for the Linux version.

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