Shadowrun Returns Excellent RPG Launches on Steam for Linux

The Beta testing period has ended and the game is now available to all

Shadowrun Returns, a classic RPG game developed and published by Harebrained Schemes, is now available for download on the Steam for Linux platform.

The developers from Harebrained Schemes have finally managed to release a non-beta version of Shadowrun Returns on Steam for Linux.

“We’re pleased to announce that the Linux version of Shadowrun Returns is now available on Steam and in the Download section of your HBS account.”

“From this point on, Linux will receive updates at the same time as the Windows and OSX versions of the game. Thanks to all the Linux Beta Testers for their feedback. Much appreciated!” said the developers on the official Kickstarter website.

They have raised the necessary funds from a Kickstarter project, and one of their goals was the release of a Linux version.

Check the Steam website for more details about this game.

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