Semplice Linux 5 Will Protect You from NSA

This release introduces support for UEFI, LVM and encrypted LVM

Eugenio Paolantonio proudly announced a couple of days ago that the final and stable release of the Semplice Linux 5 operating system is available for download.

Semplice Linux 5 is a major release that brings support for UEFI, LVM and encrypted LVM (Logical Volume Manager) in order to keep NSA away from your precious files.

A Tetris game, a WebKit2-based web app viewer, called oneslip, a new and modern panel, and a new SempliceDark theme for the LightDM greeter are also part of this release.

"We changed a lot of things and fixed many nasty bugs. For example, we added UEFI, LVM and encrypted LVM support in our even more awesome installer."

So, even if NSA goes to your home, they can't retrieve your important personal data. And you can get easily to your favorite web applications via our new WebKit2-based web application viewer, oneslip," said Eugenio Paolantonio in the official release announcement.

Download Semplice Linux 5 right now from Softpedia.

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