Semplice Linux 4 Switches to a Full Rolling-Release Model

The codename of this release is Atom Heart Mother

Eugenio Paolantonio has had the pleasure of announcing today, April 27, that the 4th version of his Semplice Linux operating system is now available for download.

Dubbed Atom Heart Mother, Semplice Linux 4 brings beautiful new artwork and visual effects, which consists of a new default theme, a new wallpaper, as well as the Faenza icon theme.

Being powered by Linux kernel 3.2.41 and based on Debian Sid, Semplice Linux 4 features the lightweight and super fast Openbox 3.5.0 window manager, the Chromium 26.0.1410.43 web browser, Exaile 3.3.1, PCManFM 1.1.0, ClipIt clipboard manager, GNOME MPlayer 1.0.6, Abiword 2.9.2, Gnumeric 1.12.1, Pidgin 2.10.7 instant messenger, Guake Terminal 0.4.3, and GTK+ 3.6.

But that’s not all, as the new release of Semplice Linux also brings a new volume control and mixer, the ability to install the system on unclean partitions, as well as the bricks utility, which allows users to effortlessly remove some resource-intensive apps.

Download Semplice Linux 4 right now from Softpedia.

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