Semplice Linux 2.0.4 Has Linux Kernel 3.2.23

This released was delayed by a lot of bugs and various problems

The Semplice Project announced on August 12th the release of Semplice 2.0.4, skipping one version. According to the developers, Semplice 2.0.3 was supposed to be the next version, but due to a bug in syslinux it coulnd't be released.

Highlights of Semplice 2.0.4:

· cairo-compmgr has been dropped and it's no longer supported;

· lxappearance-obconf has been added, bringing easier maintenance of some Openbox settings;

· The installer does not format by default any selected swap partition;

· Linux kernel 3.2.23 has been added;

· Chromium web browser 21.0.1180.75 has been added;

· Pidgin Internet Messenger 2.10.6 has been added.

A complete list of changes that are part of the Semplice 2.0.4 Linux operating system can be found in the official announcement.

Download Semplice Linux 2.0.4 right now from Softpedia.

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