SecureCRT 7.0.3 Released With Major Changes

A lot of multiplatform fixes and new features were added in this version

Maureen Jett, a product director from VanDyke Software, has announced that SecureCRT 7.0.3 is now available for Linux, for both Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OSes.

SecureCRT 7.0.3 provides terminal emulation for computing professionals, raising productivity with advanced session management and a host of ways to save time and streamline repetitive tasks.

Highlights of SecureCRT 7.0.3:

• In the Connect dialog, if a folder was renamed to a string that ended in one or more "." characters, the sessions in the folder were deleted;

• Opening the default session in a script caused SecureCRT to crash;

• If the "Automate logon" items for a session were re-ordered, the changes were not saved;

• If a session that contained ANSI color text in the scrollback was disconnected and reconnected, the ANSI color attributes were no longer in the scrollback.

A complete list of changes and updates can be found in the official announcement.

Download SecureCRT 7.0.3 right now from Softpedia.

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