SeaMonkey 2.14.1 Reverts User Agent String Setting

The latest version of SeaMonkey can be downloaded from Softpedia

SeaMonkey 2.14.1, a web browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing suite, has been released.

SeaMonkey 2.14.1 is just a maintenance release, featuring a few necessary fixes and no new features.

Highlights of SeaMonkey 2.14.1:

• The Select Addresses dialog no longer comes up blank if it's opened from a Compose window with a single To/Cc/Bcc field;

• A change to the User Agent string has been reverted since it caused some website incompatibilities;

• Proper information no longer fails to show on the message header pane, under certain circumstances;

• The permissions database is now read completely, if it includes an invalid entry;

• The displayed feed and the feed item list no longer gets cleared when the application is refreshed.

A complete list of changes can be found in the official announcement.

Download SeaMonkey 2.14.1 right now from Softpedia.

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