Say Goodbye to the Dependency Linux Nightmare with the Ubuntu "Click" Format

Canonical says that the click format should take care of a major problem for Linux

The Ubuntu SDK has been released for some time, but the upcoming click format from Canonical should provide a small revolution in packaging.

All Linux users have experience frustration when they wanted to install a software, but were denied the experience due to missing dependencies. The click packages that can be created with the Ubuntu SDK will solve this problem.

“With a click package the software simply depends on the Ubuntu SDK. This means we don’t need to worry about all that complex dependency resolution: we know the dependency, the Ubuntu SDK. Additional dependencies can simply be bundled into the package,” stated the Ubuntu Community Manager, Jobo Bacon, on his blog.

Some people might criticize Canonical's decision to add yet another package format, besides deb, rpm, and so on, but this is one area where the time stood still and no major progress has been made in last few years.

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