Save Your Sick and Dying Windows OS with Ubuntu Malware Removal Toolkit 1.2

Windows users will find this distribution very useful, if they've been infected by malware

Ubuntu Malware Removal Toolkit is a Linux distribution based on the Ubuntu distribution that can help Windows users salvage their OS.

According to developers, the purpose of Ubuntu Malware Removal Toolkit distribution is to create a portable environment that will make it easier to remove malware from infected Windows systems.

Highlights of Ubuntu Malware Removal Toolkit 1.2:

• The users can detect and clean Windows malware directly from the LiveCD;

• The distribution is really easy to use even by Linux and Ubuntu novice users;

• Nautilus has a custom script that can help in scanning or hashing multiple files and folders;

• Windows network protocols support has been integrated;

• Users can browse and query the Windows registry files.

More details about this helpful distribution can be found on the official website.

Download Ubuntu Malware Removal Toolkit 1.2 right now from Softpedia.

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