Sacred Gold RPG Lands in Ubuntu Software Center

A fun, but difficult role playing game originally released eight years ago

Canonical usually makes a big fuss whenever they launch an important application or game in Ubuntu Software Center, but Sacred Gold appeared without any kind of publicity.

Sacred is a really old game, but it’s still a very good action RPG. It was developed by Ascaron and released back in 2004. It was ported on Linux five years later, and rereleased in 2009.

The fact that it resembled a little bit too much with Diablo II was probably the most important reason it didn’t get much traction with the gaming community.

In its defense, Sacred is a much more complicated game than Diablo II and it features a vast open world that can be traversed seamlessly.

Sacred Gold also contains an expansion called Sacred: Underworld and has all the patches that have been added over the years.

It you want to give it a go, check out the official Ubuntu Software Center website.

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