SQLite 3.8.0 Brings a Lot of New Options

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SQLite, an in-process library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine, is now at version 3.8.0.

SQLite 3.8.0 features a huge number of changes and bug fixes. A complete list of updates is available in the official announcement.

Highlights of SQLite 3.8.0:

• Support has been added for partial indexes;

• The FTS4 notindexed option has been added, allowing non-indexed columns in an FTS4 table;

• The SQLITE_STMTSTATUS_VM_STEP option has been added to sqlite3_stmt_status();

• The SQLITE_ALLOW_URI_AUTHORITY compile-time option has been implemented;

• The sqlite3_cancel_auto_extension(X) interface has been added;

• The SQLITE_DEFAULT_AUTOMATIC_INDEX compile-time option has been added. Users will be able to set this option to 0 in order to disable the automatic indices;

• An optional 5th parameter has been added;

• The sqlite3_analyzer utility program has received a number of improvements.

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