Ruby 2.0.0 Officially Released, Features DTrace Support

This is the first version, a new stable branch of the programming language

Ruby, an object-oriented language for quick and easy programming, has just reached version 2.0.0.

Ruby 2.0.0 is the first stable release in this branch and comes with new features and improvements, in response to the increasingly diverse and expanding demands for Ruby.

Highlights of Ruby 2.0.0:

• Keyword arguments have been added, giving flexibility to the API design;

• This version includes Refinements, which adds a new concept to Ruby's modularity;

• Some popular applications such as Rails and tDiary have been reported to work on the release candidate version of 2.0.0;

• A huge amount of rdocs have been added for modules and methods;

• DTrace support, which enables run-time diagnosis in production, has been added;

• TracePoint, which is an improved tracing API, has been added;

• The UTF-8 default encoding, which make many magic comments omissible, has been added.

The official announcement holds more details about this release.

Download Ruby 2.0.0 right now from Softpedia.

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