Remember Midnight Commander? A New Version Is Now Out

It may be an old piece of software, but it still has what it takes to make it

Midnight Commander, a visual file manager and a feature-rich full-screen text mode application that allows users to copy, move, and delete files and whole directory trees, search for files, and run commands in the subshell, is now at version 4.8.11.

Midnight Commander is an old enough application that a lot of its users might be actually younger than its development.

Highlights of Midnight Commander 4.8.11:

• Warnings about the unknown “--with-” / “--enable-” configure options are now shown;

• The panels size is now updated when editing layouts;

• The “Compute totals” options are now supported in the move file operation;

• Support has been added for the “bracketed paste mode” of xterm;

• A lot of smaller fixes have been implemented.

A complete list of changes and new features can be found on the official website. Download Midnight Commander 4.8.11 right now from Softpedia.

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