Relics of Annorath: A MMORPG for Linux

The game is scheduled to enter the alpha stages of production

The developement team at Quantum Bytes Studio are preparing a new MMORPG game that will work on Linux.

Relics of Annorath is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) game that uses the Unigine Engine, and by the looks of it the rendered world is beautiful.

Relics of Annorath will have a native client for the Linux platform and it will also have a complex economic system, which in turn will affect the profession system of the individual charaters.

The players will have almost absolute freedom and they will be able to choose from different guilds and factions.

The developers have provided a small video to illustrate the world and the atmospheric effects (see above). We await with great interest the first gameplay videos.

The game is currently preparing to get into the alpha stages of development. For more information visit its official website.

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