Raspberry Pi Used to Mimic NASA Technology for 100,000 Times Less Money – Video

A developer has managed to put NASA R&D department to shame

Chris Fane, a developer from the United Kingdom, has managed to build an extremely cheap alternative to a NASA technology used on the International Space Station.

Using just a Raspberry Pi, some LED and his knowledge, Chris Fane has built a device that's able to mimic a circadian lighting setup, similar to the ones used on the International Space Station.

It seems that being in space and flying with incredible speed around the Earth wreaks havoc with sleep patterns of the astronauts. NASA has developed a technology, with great expense ($11.2 million / €8.3 million) that provides a proper circadian lighting setup, imitating the rising and setting of the Sun, and everything in between.

Needless to say, most likely NASA will probably not adopt the idea, but it would be nice to see some Raspberries at the edge of space. Check out the video to see the technology at work.

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