ROSA Desktop Fresh R1 LXDE Distro Is Light and Minimalist

A new LXDE flavor of ROSA has been released and it's available for download

The lightweight Linux distribution ROSA Desktop Fresh R1 LXDE, has been announced by the ROSA company.

The new distribution uses the ROSA Desktop Fresh R1 OS and it's based on LXDE, which means that it features a very minimalistic look.

“The new version includes only really necessary software and is built with the ‘the easier - the faster’ principle in mind: high work speed is achieved at the expense of simple interface and absence of 'wonderful' effects,” reads the official announcement.

Highlights of ROSA Desktop Fresh R1 LXDE:

• Linux kernel has been updated to version 3.8 (kernel-nrj-laptop-3.8.12);

• LightDM 1.6.0 has been integrated by default;

• Openbox 3.5.0 has been integrated by default;

• The distribution also includes DeaDBeeF music player, VLC video player, Firefox, ClawsMail mail, client, Pidgin IM-client, Parcellite clipboard manager, qpdfview, and gparted.

Check out the official announcement for a complete list of features.

Download ROSA Desktop Fresh R1 LXDE right now from Softpedia.

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