PyGObject 3.8.3 Is Now Available for Download

This stable release of PyGObject fixes six bugs and adds one feature

The third maintenance release of the stable PyGObject 3.8 library for the GNOME desktop environment was announced earlier today, July 5, fixing various bugs found in the previous release.

PyGObject 3.8.3 adds marshaling of GI_TYPE_TAG_VOID kept in a GValue to int, allowing some callbacks in WebKit to function without causing a segfault.

Moreover, missing methods on Windows were fixed in the pygtkcompat component, support for passing GValue's by reference has been re-added, and the return value of closures has been reset to zero when an exception occurs.

Last but not least, the C99-style variable declaration is now avoided in gi/pygi-info.c, the and files have been ported to GI and Python 3, and the doctest syntax in docstrings is no longer used for examples. For more details check out the official raw changelog.

Download PyGObject 3.8.3 right now from Softpedia.

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