PulseAudio 2.0 Has Jack Detection

The software also introduces alternate sample rates for the first time

PulseAudio, a sound system for POSIX OSes, working as a proxy for sound applications which allows user to do advanced operations on sound data, is now at version 2.0.

It took almost six months to get a new version, but PulseAudio 2.0 was worth the wait. It comes with a lot of new key features, updates, and important bugfixes.

Highlights of PulseAudio 2.0:

• Jack detection has been implemented, but more advanced features regarding this function will be implemented in the future;

 PulseAudio now supports alternate sample rates, which means that sample rates can now be changed dynamically, which in turn avoids resampling;

 VOIP (Voice Over IP) function has undergone serious improvements;

 HURD support has been fixed;

 The quality of A2DP decoder has been improved;

 The Speex library is now optional.

Download PulseAudio 2.0 right now from Softpedia.

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