Psychonauts Is Available for Linux on Double Fine Website

The developers have chose to provide the Linux version in their own store

Psychonauts is probably one of the best games produced by the Double Fine Productions studio and now it can be bought and downloaded for the Linux platform.

In all fairness, Psychonauts was already released for Linux in May 2012, through a Humble Indie Bundle. Unfortunately, getting hold of the Linux version of game was rather difficult, until now.

The Double Fine Productions studio also has a small store and they’ve posted the game there for the measly sum of $9.99 (€ 7.29). It’s available on all platforms, including Linux.

Psychonauts follows the exploits of Raz, a small boy that possesses greats psychic powers. He joins a special school for people like him in order to become a Psychonaut. He soon discovers a conspiracy that will take him on a great adventure.

More details about the game can be found on the Double Fine Productions website.

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