Project Neon KVM Officially Launched

Users will be able to get the benefits of Project Neon on other operating systems

Project Neon is an initiative that helps users get daily builds of KDE modules for Kubuntu, but now The Project Neon team has developed another one, called Project Neon KVM Image.

If Project Neon was for people that were using Kubuntu, Project Neon KVM is aimed at people that are using a Linux distribution other than Kubuntu or a non-Linux operating system.

According to the developers, “without disturbing the host environment, Project Neon KVM can be used to test new KDE releases, to try out new features, or to develop something entirely new”.

Users will need 2GB of RAM to run the images and, alternatively, ubuntu-vm/ in the tarball can be edited to allocate less memory to the KVM.

The Project Neon team is on Freenode IRC at #project-neon. Mailing list information and archive are available at

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