Project Manager LibrePlan 1.4 Imports Microsoft Format

A lot of other improvements have been implemented

By on April 30th, 2013 08:37 GMT

LibrePlan, a collaborative tool to plan, monitor and control projects that has a rich web interface which provides a desktop-like user experience, is now at version 1.4.

Highlights of LibrePlan 1.4:

• LibrePlan will be integrated with Atlassian JIRA, one of the most used commercial issue trackers;
• The TimEnterprise connector has been implemented (a time tracker tool that is widely used in The Netherlands);
• Users can now import Microsoft projects and Planner files;
• The user preferences screen has been expanded with two filtering settings;
• The values filled by the user are now remembered by the application;
• The resource load status is now displayed in the allocation configuration pop-up;
• The Chinese language has been added.

Check out a complete list of changes and new features in the official announcement.

Download LibrePlan 1.4
right now from Softpedia.