Powerful Text Editor Bluefish 2.2.4 Gets Increased Performance

The latest version of this Bluefish editor can be downloaded from Softpedia

By on February 12th, 2013 17:11 GMT

Bluefish, a powerful editor targeted towards programmers and webdevelopers, with many options to write websites, scripts and programming code, is now at version 2.2.4.

According to the developers, Bluefish 2.2.4 is mostly a minor bugfix release, but it carries many small improvements.

Highlights of Bluefish 2.2.4:

• Various fixes for the tab-width on gtk 3.6, the blocksync feature, scrollwheel-zoom, and language syntax detection, have been implemented;
• The performance of Bluefish has been improved, along with the auto-completion popup speed;
• New features include more simple search options, paste special (to paste for example images from Libreoffice), control-tab to switch to the most recent document, save as copy, and more;
• Various language syntax definition files have also been improved;
• The application now requires GTK+ 2.20.

Check out the official website for more details about this release.

Download Bluefish 2.2.4 right now from Softpedia.