Postal 2 Complete Available on Steam for Linux with a 66% Discount

The promotion will last for a little under three hours

Postal 2 Complete, a game developed by Running With Scissors and launched back in 2003 (2005 for Linux players), is now on Steam for Linux, with a 66% discount.

Just like in the original game released in 1997, in Postal 2 players will have to go through the day of "The Postal Dude."

Deemed as one of the most violent games of the gaming industry, Postal 2 is actually adjusting its gameplay to reflect the style of the player. This feature is called Aggressive vs. Passive. This means that Postal 2 is only as violent as you are.

The game is constructed as a single huge non-linear world, in which the players choose their quests.

The offer for Postal 2 Complete will only last for a little under three hours.

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