Post on Facebook What You're Listening to on Amarok with SocialRok 1.7

A few other social networks are supported by this script

SocialRok, an Amarok 2.0 script which allows users to post what they're are listening to in the music player on social networks, is now at version 1.7.

SocialRok 1.7 can be used to post on Facebook, Flickr (optional, if you want to send Cover Art along with the post as link format), Twitter, GooglePlus, and Skype.

Highlights of SocialRok 1.7:

• Checking the presence of Python & Curl is now done only once;

• The number of queries on tinyurl for Skype have been reduced;

• Facebook has removed access_offline permission;

• Some bugs which prevented access to Flickr have been fixed;

• A workaround for the Amarok bug that gave multiple notifications has been implemented.

Check out the official changelog for a complete list of improvements and changes.

Download SocialRok 1.7 right now from Softpedia.

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