Pear OS 8 Will Be Released in October 2013

The distribution is now inspired by Apple's iOS 7 mobile operating system

David Tavares, the developer of the Pear OS Linux operating system, has recently announced the features and roadmap for the upcoming Pear OS 8 distribution.

Inspired by the upcoming iOS 7 mobile operating system from Apple, the Pear OS 8 Linux operating system will boast a fresh new design, updated applications and lots of attractive features.

Among the features of Pear OS 8, we can mention updated Pear Panel and Pear Dock, an optimized and colorful Pear Launchpad, Clean My Pear 2 and MyPear 6 with new design and features, Pear PPA Manager with a new design, and Pear Spotlight with new features for Pear Panel.

According to its developer, a pre-release version of Pear OS 8 will be available this month, followed by an Alpha version, and two Beta releases.

The final release of Pear OS 8 will see the light of day on October 31, 2013, available for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

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