Pear OS 7 Linux Server Coming Soon

David Tavares prepares a Server Edition of Pear OS

The Pear OS developer, David Tavares, announced a few days ago that he works on a new project, called Pear OS 7 Server.

As its name suggests, Pear OS 7 Server is the Server Edition of the upcoming Pear OS 7 Linux distribution, which will be based on Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) and released sometime this summer.

Pear OS 7 Server will include top-rated applications, such as the Apache web server, the MySQL database server, the ProFTPd FTP server, the Samba file sharing server, as well as Webmin, SSH and firewall apps.

The upcoming Server Edition of Pear OS will also feature an in-house application, called MyServer, which will allow users to easily manage different services.

A pre-release version of the Pear OS 7 Server operating system will see the light of day in the upcoming hours, so stay tuned on Softpedia Linux.

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